UN Votes To Eliminate Syria’s Chemical Weapons

Chemcial Weapon

The UN Security Council on September 27 voted unanimously to secure and destroy Syria's chemical weapons stockpile. The vote came after the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), an international chemical watchdog, agreed on a plan to destroy Syria's stockpile by mid-2014. The new binding resolution condemned the use of … [Read more...]

Millennium Development Report, 2013

MDG Regional Groupings

The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) have been the most successful global anti-poverty push in history. This year’s report looks at the areas where action is needed most. For example, one in eight people worldwide remain hungry. Too many women die in childbirth when we have the means to save them. More than 2.5 billion people lack improved sanitation … [Read more...]

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BRICS: A New Global Pattern


The BRICS are now five years old, and the modest agreement on establishing a development bank and pooling of currency reserves moves the grouping beyond a dialogue forum to cooperative mechanisms challenging the 60 year hegemony of the undemocratic Bretton Woods Institutions. The next step must be a transition in ideas and principles to share global … [Read more...]

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The Iran-Pakistan Pipeline

IP Pipeline

Ignoring all warnings about crippling US and UN sanctions being imposed, Pakistan’s President Asif Zardari jointly inaugurated the Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline project with his Iranian counterpart Mahmoud Ahmedinejad. While many analysts even in Pakistan are deeply sceptical about the project, speculation is rife over what Asif Zardari is playing at? Is … [Read more...]

UN Conference On The Arms Trade Treaty


  On March 18, 2013, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon had urged representatives from 193 Member States to conclude the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) by 28 on a comprehensive instrument that would establish standards for international trade in conventional weapons. “You are not here to initiate new negotiations. You are here to strengthen and conclude the … [Read more...]

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World’s Women 2010: Trends And Statistics

Women 2010

In the Beijing Declaration adopted in 1995 by the Fourth World Conference on Women, participating Governments expressed their commitment “to advance the goals of equality, development and peace for all women everywhere in the interest of humanity”. To assess whether these goals are being achieved, The World’s Women is produced by the United Nations … [Read more...]

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UN Launches Inquiry Into Drone Killings


The UN is launching an inquiry into the impact on civilians of drone strikes and other targeted killings. The inquiry will study the impact of drone strikes in five places. Twenty-five attacks will be examined - in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, the Palestinian territories and Somalia. The inquiry will assess the extent of civilian casualties, the identity … [Read more...]

UN Votes To Restart Arms Treaty Talks

Conventional Arms Treaty

The UN General Assembly, on December 24, voted overwhelmingly to restart talks on a treaty regulating the global trade of conventional arms, after a similar effort failed in July. The resolution was approved 133 to 0, with 17 countries abstaining. Talks in July collapsed largely because of US reluctance to move forward with plans to establish a treaty … [Read more...]

India Opposes Resolution On Capital Punishment


Few days before Pakistani Ajmal Amir Kasab’s execution, India opposed a UN General Assembly resolution for the abolition of death penalty. A record 110 countries supported the resolution while India, China, Pakistan, South Korea, Japan and the US were among the 39 countries which opposed it. Another 36 countries abstained from voting. While voting … [Read more...]

Palestine Gets Non-Member Observer Status


On 29 November 2012, the United Nations General Assembly voted to upgrade the status of the Palestinians to that of a "non-member observer state". It follows a failed bid to join the international body as a full member state in 2011 because of a lack of support in the UN Security Council. The resolution upgrading the Palestinians’ status to a non-member … [Read more...]

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