Financial Assistance And Support Services To Victims Of Rape: A Scheme For Restorative Justice

Financial Assistance And Support

Rape is one of the most violent forms of crimes against women, which not only impacts her bodily integrity but, in the long-run, impairs her capacity to develop meaningful personal and social relationships, and affects her life and livelihood. The victim of rape suffers mental and psychological trauma, which must be addressed so that she is able to lead a … [Read more...]

The Criminal Law (Amendment) Bill, 2013

Anti Rape Protest

Passed by Lok Sabha: March 19, 2013 Passed By Rajya Sabha:  March 21, 2013 New Offences Disobedience of law by a public servant: Failure to record information in sexual offences cases; knowingly disobeying laws on investigation Punishment: Punishable with rigorous imprisonment for six months to 2 years and fine. Responsibility of Hospital: … [Read more...]