Socio-Economic Profile Of States And Inter-State Comparisons


Narrowing inter-state and inter-regional disparities is also one of the objectives of inclusive development. Inter-state comparisons of socioeconomic development of selected major states based on available indicators from different sources show some interesting results (Table 13.8). #adsense# Population Related Bihar has the highest decadal … [Read more...]

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Indira Awaas Yojana (IAY)


Shelter is a basic need of a citizen which is critical for determining the quality of human life. A roof over the head endows a shelter-less person, with an essential asset and improves his physical and mental well being. Hence, fulfilling the need for rural housing and tackling housing shortage particularly for the poorest is an important task to be … [Read more...]

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Restructuring Of Centrally Sponsored Scheme


In Indian federal structure the responsibilities of various layers of government are clearly delineated. However, in the areas requiring national effort, the Centre cannot but intervene catalytically to infuse greater dynamism.Government of India tries to do this through various programmes and polices including the CSS. Central Government has introduced … [Read more...]

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Greening Rural Development In India

Greening India 1

The Government of India’s 12th Five Year Plan for the first time has set for itself the goal of faster, sustainable and more inclusive growth. Sustainability has been mainstreamed as a core objective of India’s development strategy. This is hugely important paradigm shift in how we look at development. With an annual budget of around Rs. 75,000 crore, … [Read more...]

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PM Launches Aadhar-Enabled Direct Cash Transfer Scheme

Aadhar's Benefits

Holding the first meeting of the National Committee on Direct Cash Transfers on 26 November, Prime Minister Mr Manmohan Singh formally announced direct cash transfers to beneficiaries of subsidies in food, fuel and fertilisers. The government has planned to roll out the cash transfer scheme in 51 districts from January 1, 2013. It would be extended to 18 … [Read more...]

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