Supreme Court Acquits Mohammed Khalil Chisti

The Supreme Court on December 12 acquitted octogenarian Pakistani scientist Mohammed Khalil Chisti of a 20-year-old murder case as it found no evidence to link him to the death of a person during an armed scuffle between two groups of Khadims, the servers at the dargah of Moinuddin Chisti in Ajmer.

An Ajmer trial court had convicted Chisti, who allegedly brandished a sword during the fight on April 14, 1992, for murder and awarded him life sentence along with others on January 31 last year. The Rajasthan High Court dismissed Chisti’s appeal on December 20 last year upholding the conviction and sentence.

Chisti appealed in the Supreme Court, which granted him bail on May 10 on the condition that he deposit Rs 5 lakh as security to guarantee his return to India to serve the remaining sentence if the apex court rejected his appeal. By the time he was allowed to go to Pakistan, he had already spent 20 years in India and had spent nearly a year and four months in prison.

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