Scheme For Welfare Of Working Children In Need Of Care And Protection

The objective of the scheme is to provide opportunities for non formal education and vocational training to working children to facilitate their entry/re-entry into mainstream education in cases where they have either not attended any learning system or where, for some reasons, their education has been discontinued. The Scheme lends support to projects only in urban areas and does not support projects in areas covered by the existing schemes of the Ministry of Labour & Employment.

Target Group

The Scheme provides support for the holistic development of child workers and potential child workers especially those with none or ineffective family support, such as children of slum/pavement dwellers/drug addicts, children living on railway platforms/along railway lines, children working in shops, dhabas, mechanic shops, children engaged as domestic workers, children whose parents are in jail, children of migrant/sex workers, leprosy patients, etc.

Programme Components

The programme components are:

  • Facilitating introduction and/or return to the mainstream education system as children at study are not children at work
  • Counseling of parents, heads of families, relatives of the children so as to prevent their exploitation, and Vocational training wherever necessary

The Scheme is operated through the voluntary sector and Non Governmental Organizations are eligible for financial assistance to set up composite centers under this scheme. The Ministry provides 90 per cent financial assistance and the concerned organization is required to bear 10 per cent of the expenditure on the project as per the norms of the scheme.


An evaluation of the scheme was conducted by NIPCCD during the year 2009-10. The Scheme was largely found to be achieving desired results of mainstreaming the beneficiary children. However, subsequent to the evaluation, a Committee was set up in the Ministry to suggest changes in the scheme, based on the outcomes on the evaluation. The Committee has recommended that as the Open Shelter component of the Ministry’s newly introduced scheme, Integrated Child Protection Scheme provides similar services under its Open Shelter component, albeit with better norms and procedures, the projects under the Scheme for Welfare of Working Children be covered under ICPS and this scheme be phased out. No new projects are, therefore, being considered under the Scheme.

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