Dhanlakshmi-Conditional Cash Transfer For Girl Child

The Ministry of Women and Child Development launched “Dhanalakshmi”“a Conditional Cash Transfer Scheme for Girl Child with Insurance Cover (CCT)” on a pilot basis in March, 2008. Under the scheme, cash transfers are made to the family of the girl child (preferably the mother) on fulfilling certain specific conditionalities related to birth and registration, immunization, school enrollment and retention immunization, school enrollment and retention upto Class VIII and delay in marriage of the girl child till the age of 18 years.


The objective of the Scheme is two-fold:

  • To provide a set of staggered financial incentives for families to encourage them to retain the girl child and look after her well being
  • To change the attitudinal mindset of the family towards the girl – by linking cash transfers to her well-being. This will force families to look upon the girl as an asset rather than a liability since her very existence has led to cash inflow to the family.

Cash Transfer

Cash transfers are made under the Scheme to the family of the girl child (preferably the mother) on fulfilling the following conditions:

  1. Birth registration of the girl child
  2. Progress of immunization
  3. Full immunization
  4. Enrolment to school and retention in school

“Dhanlakshmi” is being implemented in 11 Blocks across seven States on pilot basis and is being implemented by the State Governments through the District Authorities. While in the year 2010-11 Rs 1.83 crore were released for 16,739 beneficiaries, no releases were made during 2011-12.

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