Generation Of Plastic Waste


The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) has carried out a study through Central Institute of Plastics Engineering and Technology (CIPET), Ahmadabad on “Assessment and Quantification of Plastic Waste in 60 Cities” during the year 2010-11. As per this study, the total quantum of plastic waste generated in the country is estimated to be about 15,342.46 … [Read more...]

Tamil Nadu Files Affidavit To Scrap Sethu Project


The Tamil Nadu government has sought a direction from the Supreme Court to the Central government to accept the recommendations of the Expert Committee headed by Dr R K Pachauri on the Sethusamudram Ship Channel Project (SSCP). In an affidavit filed on April 29, Tamil Nadu sought a direction to the Centre not to take any action to implement the Sethusamudram … [Read more...]

Climate Change Impact Analysis By ICAR


The Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) has conducted climate change impact analysis on crop yields with projections for the years 2020, 2050 and 2080. Crop simulation models were used in these experiment. Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar gave this information in the Rajya Sabha on April 26. In a written answer, he said simulation studies have … [Read more...]

Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) 2013 Concludes


India hosted the fourth Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM4) in New Delhi on 17–18 April 2013. At the last day of of the meet, participating countries  agreed to come up with a high-level advisory committee to look into the technological and financial aspects of clean energy implementation in its member countries. They have also decided to make arrangements to … [Read more...]

Asiatic Lions To Be Shifted From Gujarat To MP


The Supreme Court on April 15 allowed translocation of Asiatic Lions from Gujarat to Madhya Pradesh, saying the species is under threat of extinction and needs a second home. A bench of Justices K S Radhakrishnan and C K Prasad has given six months time to the wildlife authorities concerned for trans-locating the lions. Currently, there are around 400 … [Read more...]

Shark Trade To Be Regulated


  Conservationists voted on March 11 to regulate the international trade of five species of sharks that are threatened by overfishing and targeted for their valuable fins. Oceanic whitetip sharks, porbeagle sharks, scalloped hammerheads, great hammerheads, and smooth hammerheads — as well as two species of manta rays — are all set to get new … [Read more...]

Shark Killings Exceed 100m Every Year


  Sharks are being slaughtered at an unsustainable rate, with a new study showing that 100 million are being killed every year. The researchers say that this rate of exploitation is far too high, especially for a species which reproduces later in life. The major factor driving the trade is the ongoing demand for shark fins for soup in Chinese … [Read more...]

14th BASIC Meeting Held in Chennai


  14th meeting of the environment ministers of Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, India and China (BASIC) was held in Chennai from February 15-16 2013. The two day closed door meeting reviewed the decisions taken at Doha and discussed about the plan for the future steps for taking the global process for an ambitious and equitable agreement under … [Read more...]

Fresh Water For All: Infographic

Freshwater is one of today’s most pressing developmental challenges, impacting food & agriculture, gender equality, health & sanitation, population & urbanization. Yet it's poorly managed & faces severe pressure. How can we better cooperate around this vital cause & make freshwater an instrument for … [Read more...]

Committee On Climate Change Constituted


The Prime Minister constituted an Executive Committee on Climate Change to assist his Council on Climate Change. The Executive Committee on Climate Change would focus on the following tasks: #adsense# · Assist the PM’s Council on Climate Change in evolving a coordinated response to issues relating to climate change at the National level · … [Read more...]