Global AgeWatch Index 2013


Ageing gives us cause for celebration: longer lives throughout the world are a triumph of development. The 21st century is seeing an unprecedented global demographic transition, with population ageing at its heart. By 2050 – less than 40 years away – older people (defined as aged 60 or over) will make up more than one-fifth of the global … [Read more...]

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Committing To Child Survival: Progress Report 2013


A new UNICEF report, titled, Committing To Child Survival: A Promise Renewed: Progress Report 2013 shows that if current trends continue, the world will not meet Millennium Development Goal 4  – to cut the rate of under-five mortality by two-thirds by 2015.  Worse, if current trends continue, the goal will not be reached until 2028. The 2013 Progress … [Read more...]

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Millennium Development Report, 2013

MDG Regional Groupings

The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) have been the most successful global anti-poverty push in history. This year’s report looks at the areas where action is needed most. For example, one in eight people worldwide remain hungry. Too many women die in childbirth when we have the means to save them. More than 2.5 billion people lack improved sanitation … [Read more...]

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Human Development Report

HDR Figure 1

The 2013 Human Development Report is the latest in the series of global Human Development Reports published by UNDP since 1990 as independent, empirically grounded analyses of major development issues, trends and policies. Additional resources related to the 2013 Human Development Report can be found online at Rise Of The South The … [Read more...]

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World’s Women 2010: Trends And Statistics

Women 2010

In the Beijing Declaration adopted in 1995 by the Fourth World Conference on Women, participating Governments expressed their commitment “to advance the goals of equality, development and peace for all women everywhere in the interest of humanity”. To assess whether these goals are being achieved, The World’s Women is produced by the United Nations … [Read more...]

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Global Risk 2013


The global risk that most likely to visible over the next 10 years is severe income disparity, while the risk having the highest impact is major systemic financial failure. #adsense# There are also two risks appearing in the top five of both impact and likelihood – chronic fiscal imbalances and water supply crisis (see Figure 4). … [Read more...]

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Economic Survey 2012-13

Aspects of growth

Indian economy is likely to grow between 6.1 per cent to 6.7 per cent in 2013-14 as the downturn is more or less over and the economy is looking up. Following the slowdown induced by the global financial crisis in 2008-09, the Indian economy responded strongly to fiscal and monetary stimulus and achieved a growth rate of 8.6 per cent and 9.3 per cent … [Read more...]

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Greening Rural Development In India

Greening India 1

The Government of India’s 12th Five Year Plan for the first time has set for itself the goal of faster, sustainable and more inclusive growth. Sustainability has been mainstreamed as a core objective of India’s development strategy. This is hugely important paradigm shift in how we look at development. With an annual budget of around Rs. 75,000 crore, … [Read more...]

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Global Dynamism Index 2012

Dynamism by region

Developed in conjunction with the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), the Grant Thornton Global Dynamism Index (GDI) 2012 ranks 50 leading economies on 22 indicators of dynamism across five categories: Business Operating Environment Economics & Growth Science & Technology Labour & Human Capital Financing Environment By analysing … [Read more...]

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Economic Freedom Rankings 2012

Economic Freedom Of The World

Economic Freedom of the States of India 2012, jointly prepared by Cato Institute, Washington, Indicus Analytics, New Delhi and German think tank Friedrich Naumann Stiftung, demonstrates the significant differences in economic governance that exist in India. It thus has focused attention on state-level reforms to improve inclusive economic growth. The Index … [Read more...]

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