Cyber Security Policy 2013

Cyber Security Policy

Shri Kapil Sibal, Union Minister for Communications and IT released the National Cyber Security Policy, 2013, on July 2. The cyber security policy is an evolving task and it caters to the whole spectrum of ICT users and providers including home users and small, medium and large enterprises and Government & non-Government entities. It serves as an … [Read more...]

National Population Policy 2000

Population Policy

The overriding objective of economic and social development is to improve the quality of lives that people lead, to enhance their well-being, and to provide them with opportunities and choices to become productive assets in society. In 1952, India was the first country in the world to launch a national programme, emphasizing family planning to the extent … [Read more...]

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National Health Policy


A National Health Policy was last formulated in 1983, and since then there have been marked changes in the determinant factors relating to the health sector. Some of the policy initiatives outlined in the NHP-1983 have yielded results, while, in several other areas, the outcome has not been as expected. The policy gave a general exposition of the policies … [Read more...]

National Policy On Information Technology (NPIT), 2011


The Policy aims to leverage Information & Communication Technology (ICT) to address the country’s economic and developmental challenges. The policy is rooted in the conviction that ICT has the power to transform the lives of people. ICT and Electronics are contributing significantly to the Indian economy, society and governance. IT is a key driver … [Read more...]

National Telecom Policy


The Government had approved the National Telecom Policy -2012 (NTP - 2012) on May 31, 2012. The policy envisions providing secure, reliable, affordable and high quality converged telecommunication services anytime, anywhere for an accelerated inclusive socio-economic development. The main thrust of the Policy is on the multiplier effect and transformational … [Read more...]

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National Policy For Children

National Policy For Children 2012

The first National Policy for Children, 1974 recognised that programmes for children should find prominent place in national plans and laid emphasis on equal opportunities for the development of all children during the period of growth and development. The National Charter for Children, 2003 adopted on 9th February 2004, emphasized the need for State … [Read more...]

National Policy For The Empowerment Of Women (2001)

National Policy For The Empowerment Of Women

The principle of gender equality is enshrined in the Indian Constitution in its Preamble, Fundamental Rights, Fundamental Duties and Directive Principles. The Constitution not only grants equality to women, but also empowers the State to adopt measures of positive discrimination in favour of women. Within the framework of a democratic polity, our laws, … [Read more...]

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National Water Policy 2012

National Water Policy

Water is a natural resource, fundamental to life, livelihood, food security and sustainable development. It is also a scarce resource. India has more than 17 per cent of the world’s population, but has only 4 per cent of world’s renewable water resources with 2.6% of world’s land area. There are further limits on utilizable quantities of water owing to … [Read more...]

Improving Access To Justice

legal Reforms

The National Mission for Justice Delivery and legal Reforms was set up in June, 2011 to achieve the twin goals of increasing access by reducing delays and arrears; and enhancing accountability through structural changes and by setting performance standards and capacities. The Mission has become fully functional from 2012-13 and is pursuing strategic … [Read more...]

Science, Technology And Innovation Policy 2013

Idian Scuence Cingress

The Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, unveiled the Science, Technology and Innovation Policy (STI) 2013 by presenting its first copy to the President of India Shri Pranab Mukerjee at the inaugural session of the Centenary session of the Indian Science Congress at Kolkatta on January 3. The STI Policy seeks to send a signal to the Indian scientific … [Read more...]

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