Heavy Satellite Launch Vehicles: An Assessment

Cryogenic Engines

A satellite launch vehicle (rocket) is designed to lift a satellite from the earth and to deliver it to the desired orbit. The strength of such a vehicle depends on the weight of the satellite and the nature of the orbit in which it is to be placed. With advancing rocket technology, capability to put the heavy satellites into different orbits has increased … [Read more...]

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SCs, STs Closing The Literacy Gap

Census 2011

According to the primary Census abstract for the total population of SCs and STs released by the Office of the Registrar General and Census Commissioner on October 29, the SCs and STs are fast closing the literacy gap with the national average and the gender gap within their own communities. Data released recently shows a 14.6 percentage point increase in … [Read more...]

Improving The Quality Of Governance

Quality Of Governance

Keeping with the trends the world over, there has been a renewed emphasis on improving the quality of governance in the country. For the first time, the Government of India outlined a governance approach to development in the National Human Development Report 2001. Governance, in this approach, is viewed as involving a continuous interplay of three elements, … [Read more...]

State Of Governance In India

State Of Governance

Governance is a term that is widely used in public debate these days. It is generally seen as an answer to many, if not all, the problems that beset the country. Yet, there is no commonly agreed definition of governance. It could imply anything from corruption, inept administration to poor delivery of public services depending upon the context. While … [Read more...]

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What is Governance?

Group of Indian Women

Although governance has been defined variously by different people depending upon the context and perspective, there is agreement over the broad elements of governance. While Webster’s Dictionary defines governance simply as ʹthe act of governing or exercising authorityʹ, other definitions are more elaborate. Some of the definitions are given … [Read more...]

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Key Indicators Of Employment And Unemployment


The National Sample Survey Office (NSSO), Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation has released the key indicators of Employment and Unemployment in India, from the data collected in its 68th round survey conducted during the period July 2011 - June 2012. The NSS surveys on employment and unemployment are conducted quinquennially starting from … [Read more...]

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New Criteria For Granting Special Category Status

Montek Singh Ahluwalia

  The government has constituted a six-member expert committee under Raghuram Rajan, chief economic adviser in the finance ministry, to finalize the new criteria to determine backwardness of states for granting special category status. The other members of the expert committee constituted by the finance ministry are Shaibal Gupta, a member of … [Read more...]

Steps Being Taken To Strengthen The Judicial System

Judicial Service

The recent Conference of Chief Ministers of States and Chief Justices of High Courts, held in April, 2013 in New Delhi, discussed steps required to reduce pendency of cases in courts, their speedy trial including through setting up of Fast Track Courts and morning/evening/shift/holiday/special courts, sensitization of judiciary on gender issues, … [Read more...]

Glimpses Of The India Story

Glimpses of the India Story

The Minister of Information & Broadcasting Manish Tewari on M1y 13 unveiled a multi-media initiative that captures the journey of development in the last nine years across various sectors through the programmes and policies of the Government. The multi-media initiative with the overarching theme “Glimpses of the India Story” underscores the impact … [Read more...]

‘Steel’ Vision

National Steel Vision

At the time of Independence in 1947, India had only three steel plants – the Tata Iron & Steel Company (Jamshedpur), the Indian Iron and Steel Company (Burnpur) and Visveswaraya Iron & Steel Ltd (Bhadravathi), besides a few electric arc furnace-based plants. The period till 1947 thus witnessed a small but viable steel industry in the country, … [Read more...]