Composite Development Index Of States

Underdevelopment Index 2

The level of development of a state is likely to be the consequence of a complex set of historical, cultural, and sociological factors. An explicit government objective was to have a more egalitarian society, coupled with balanced development of different regions. Despite taking a number of steps to reduce the regional disparities, substantial differences in … [Read more...]

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Producer Price Index: The Concept And Measurement

Producer Price Index

The Producer Price Index (PPI) is designed to measure the average change in the price of goods and services as they leave the place of production or as they enter the production process. In other words, the PPI measures the rate of change in the prices of goods and services bought and sold by producers. There are two types of PPIs. An output PPI measures … [Read more...]

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Public Distribution System In India

Targeted Public Distribution System 2

The Public Distribution System (PDS) evolved as a system of management of scarcity and for distribution of foodgrains at affordable prices. Over the years, PDS has become an important part of Government's policy for management of food economy in the country. PDS is supplemental in nature and is not intended to make available the entire requirement of any of … [Read more...]

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Inflation Index Bonds


Pursuant to the announcement in the Union Budget 2013-14, the Government of India in consultation with Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has decided to launch Inflation Index Bonds (IIBs), as instruments that will protect savings of poor and middle classes from inflation and incentivise household sector to save in financial instruments rather than buy gold. For … [Read more...]

A New Goal For A Changing World


Highlights The World Bank Group will be promoting shared prosperity, or inclusive economic growth. A new Shared Prosperity Indicator will track income growth among a nation's bottom 40 percent. The new indicator marks a departure from how economists have traditionally measured a country's progress. World Bank Group Goals The World Bank Group’s … [Read more...]

Twenty-five Year Plan (2012-17): Core Indicators


Twenty-five year plan core indicators reflect the vision of rapid, sustainable and more inclusive growth. The indicators have been listed below: Economic Growth Real GDP Growth Rate of 8.2 per cent Agriculture Growth Rate of 4.0 per cent Manufacturing Growth Rate of 10.0 per cent Every State must have a higher average growth rate in the Twelfth … [Read more...]

Highlights Of Annual Supplement (2013-14) To The Foreign Trade Policy 2009-14

Foreign Trade Policy

The Union Minister for Commerce, Industry & Textiles released the Annual Supplement 2013-14 to the Foreign Trade Policy2009-14. Four years ago, the Government had announced the5-year Foreign Trade Policy for the period 2009-14. In the financial year 2012-13, India’s exports have crossed US$ 300 billion reaching at US$ 300.60 billion but compared to … [Read more...]

Estimation Of Poverty And Identification Of Poor

Poverty and Identification of Poor

At conceptual level a definition of poverty is involved both in the estimation of proportion of population living in poverty (a macro level estimate) and the identification of poor households for targeted delivery of various poverty alleviation programmes, and it is intellectually elegant to think of a common definition for both the exercises. In … [Read more...]

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World Bank Group Strategy For India

WB structure

The new World Bank Group strategy for India shifts support significantly to low-income states, where most of the poor live, and is the institution’s first country strategy to set specific goals on reducing poverty and increasing prosperity. Discussed by the Board of Executive Directors on April 11, 2013, the World Bank Group’s new Country Partnership … [Read more...]