Male Contraceptive Pill

A drug developed to treat cancer worked as a form of male contraception in mice in a study that may point the way toward a birth control pill for men, researchers said. Described in the newest issue of Cell, this technique relies on a newly discovered compound that can effectively cross the boundary from blood vessels into the testis. The chemical is a … [Read more...]

All You Wanted To Know About Western Ghats?

Grass Hills view from Akkamalai

  Western Ghats are an important geological landform of peninsular India. It is the origin of Godavari, Krishna, Kaveri and a myriad of rivers which are life line for the people of southern India. On its ecological health depends livelihoods of millions of people belonging to the six Western Ghats states of Gujarat, Maharastra, Goa, Karnataka, … [Read more...]

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16th NAM Summit


The 16th NAM (Non-Aligned Movement) summit was held in Tehran, Iran on 30-31 August 2012. The theme of the summit was Lasting Peace through Joint Global Governance. At the Tehran Summit, the Chairmanship of NAM was passed on from Egypt to Iran in accordance with the NAM’s practice of regional rotation. The NAM meeting in Tehran was held in three phases: … [Read more...]

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Atomic Energy Regulatory Board’s Annual Report 2011-12

The Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited(NPCIL), a public sector undertaking of Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) has the mandate for the design, construction, commissioning and operation of nuclear power reactors. At present, it operates 20 nuclear power reactors with an installed capacity of 4780 MWe (megawatt electrical), and 4800 MWe capacity is … [Read more...]

China’s Reforms: Risky Road Ahead

China's Politburo Standing Committee

How will China’s economy, its political system, and its society interact in the wake of new reforms -- in harmony or with increasing friction? The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has made a  decision to make market mechanisms “decisive” in the economy. The primary aim of such reforms, of course, is to prolong party rule. Since crushing the citizen … [Read more...]

Nanogenerator: Vibration Energy The Secret To Self-powered Electronics


Incorporated directly into a cell phone housing, the team's nanogenerator could harvest and convert vibration energy from a surface, such as the passenger seat of a moving vehicle, into power for the phone. The device is described as a "mesoporous piezoelectric nanogenerator". A multi-university team of engineers has developed what could be a promising … [Read more...]

Heavy Satellite Launch Vehicles: An Assessment

Cryogenic Engines

A satellite launch vehicle (rocket) is designed to lift a satellite from the earth and to deliver it to the desired orbit. The strength of such a vehicle depends on the weight of the satellite and the nature of the orbit in which it is to be placed. With advancing rocket technology, capability to put the heavy satellites into different orbits has increased … [Read more...]

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Thirsty Energy: Securing Energy in a Water-Constrained World

Thirsty Energy Infographic: Click for for full view of Infographic

Today, more than 780 million people lack access to potable water, and over 1.3 billion people lack access to electricity. At the same time, estimates show that by 2035, global energy consumption will increase by 35%, while water consumption by the energy sec­tor will increase by 85%. Climate change will further challenge water and energy manage­ment by … [Read more...]

Remembering Nelson Mandela


Nelson Mandela, the global statesman who delivered South Africa from the dark days of apartheid, has died aged 95. Mr Mandela had suffered from a series of lung infections over the past two years and died at home in the company of his family. Nelson Mandela, who has died aged 95, was the architect of South Africa’s transformation from racial despotism … [Read more...]

SCs, STs Closing The Literacy Gap

Census 2011

According to the primary Census abstract for the total population of SCs and STs released by the Office of the Registrar General and Census Commissioner on October 29, the SCs and STs are fast closing the literacy gap with the national average and the gender gap within their own communities. Data released recently shows a 14.6 percentage point increase in … [Read more...]