Biodiversity Profile Of India: Free eBook

Biological diversity or ‘biodiversity’ encompasses the variety of all life on earth. Biodiversity manifests itself at three levels: ‘species’ diversity which refers to the numbers and kinds of living organisms; ‘genetic’ diversity which refers to genetic variation within species; and ‘ecosystem’ diversity which denotes the variety of habitats, biological communities and ecological processes.

India is one of the 17 identified mega diverse countries of t he world. From about 70 per cent of the total geographical area surveyed so far, 45,500 plant species (including fungi and lower plants) and 91,000 animal species, representing about seven percent o f t he world’s flora and 6.5 per cent o f t he world’s fauna, respectively, have been described. Nearly 6,500 native plants are still used prominently in t he indigenous healthcare systems. The content of this free eBook:

  • Biodiversity Profile Of India
  • Biogeographic Zones
  • Protected Area Networks In India
  • Species And Ecosystem


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