5 Writers Honoured With SAARC Literature Award



Poet-diplomat Abhay K from India and Pakistan’s Farheen Chaudhary were among five writers honoured with the SAARC Literature Award in Agra on March 10.

Abdul Khaliq Rashid of Afghanistan, Suman Pokhrel of Nepal and novelist Daya Dissanayake of Sri Lanka also received the award at the SAARC Festival of Literature attended by over 100 delegates.

SAARC Literature Award is given annually to eminent writers from the South Asian region who have contributed to promotion of literature through their writings and literary initiatives.

A three-day SAARC festival of literature began in Agra on March 10 with a call for concerted efforts to raise eco-consciousness and resist predatory policies that devour nature and its components. The theme of this year’s festival is “Environment and Literature”.

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